24 weeks pregnant!

Wow, 24 weeks down! I can not believe how fast 6 months has past. It’s honestly blowing my mind just thinking about how fast the next 4 months will go. 

My baby bump has definitely grown a lot during the past 4 weeks, which I am super stoked about!

 I can’t say I have been craving any foods in particular, which I suppose is quite strange. However, I definitely get drawn towards sweet food and treats more than anything!! 

If you don’t already know, Leo and I have decided to keep the gender of our baby a surprise! Never did I ever think I would be one to not find out the gender of my baby, but here I am! 6 months down with no clue! 

I have also had a lot of growing pains in my tummy! Apparently it’s called ligament pain I believe, but I guess that is a given considering I am growing a real baby in there! 

I have had a lot of acid reflux lately. I’m not familiar with heart burn or acid reflux as I’ve never had it before becoming pregnant and had no idea what it was! I’ve done some research and it’s normal, apparently nearly everyone gets it which I was shocked about! I’m definitely not a fan, that’s for sure! 

Other than all this, I don’t think there is anything else I have to say about my pregnancy so far. I’m just so happy and blessed that everything is going smoothly for us. 
Lots of love,

Shania xox


New Beginnings!

Hi! My name is Shania and I have decided to make the first big step in making quite a personal blog about my partner, Leo and I. We are a young couple living off bare minimum, enjoying everyday and having the time of our lives. We have done so much together already, as our story didn’t start here.

3 and a half years ago we met. 16 year old Shania and 18 year old Leo. We lived in different cities, grew up around different cultures, had different friends and yet none of this seemed to matter. We were madly in love with each other from day one.

Skip a few years and we have reached and accomplished a few amazing milestones!

  1. We travelled together to New Zealand, Bali and many Australian destinations;
  2. We moved into our first house together;
  3. We moved into our second house together;
  4. We adopted some beautiful fur babies, Marley (dog) and Paris (cat); and

Yes, you read that right. We are having a baby!

I am currently 24 weeks pregnant and about to bring our first child into this big, beautiful, yet scary world of ours.

I plan on writing more blog posts about my pregnancy and how I am cruising, my cravings, my belly updates and so much more! This pregnancy is our first and I am planning on documenting as much as I can. This is such an amazing and beautiful thing to happen to us and we are both so blessed to be given this opportunity to begin our family now.

My blog is called Two Birds to represent Leo and I. It is to represent how we started and to show that the sky is the limit. We have so many possibilities and so many exciting adventures to take! We started as two little birds and now we are spreading our wings to allow our family of two to grow.

We have the most amazing pets, Paris and Marley. They are the same age and honestly have brought so much joy and love to both Leo and I.

That’s all I have for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed and also enjoy having a little stalk of our lives! Stay tuned for my upcoming posts because I can guarantee you, they are only going to get better!

Lots of Love,

Shania xox