Wow, 24 weeks down! I can not believe how fast 6 months has past. It’s honestly blowing my mind just thinking about how fast the next 4 months will go. 

My baby bump has definitely grown a lot during the past 4 weeks, which I am super stoked about!

 I can’t say I have been craving any foods in particular, which I suppose is quite strange. However, I definitely get drawn towards sweet food and treats more than anything!! 

If you don’t already know, Leo and I have decided to keep the gender of our baby a surprise! Never did I ever think I would be one to not find out the gender of my baby, but here I am! 6 months down with no clue! 

I have also had a lot of growing pains in my tummy! Apparently it’s called ligament pain I believe, but I guess that is a given considering I am growing a real baby in there! 

I have had a lot of acid reflux lately. I’m not familiar with heart burn or acid reflux as I’ve never had it before becoming pregnant and had no idea what it was! I’ve done some research and it’s normal, apparently nearly everyone gets it which I was shocked about! I’m definitely not a fan, that’s for sure! 

Other than all this, I don’t think there is anything else I have to say about my pregnancy so far. I’m just so happy and blessed that everything is going smoothly for us. 
Lots of love,

Shania xox


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